pc Division: grandmaster Age: 14+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Koa3k#1412
is playing: traceris playing: McCreeis playing: Widowmaker

4300 hitscan DPS LFT

pc - by Koa3k#1412
Posted on 08 Nov 2018

Server: America

-200+ Hours of scrim experience
-Can scrim 2+ hours every day
-Rank: 4300 Peak, Usually around 4.1-4.2.
-Tournaments experience, Overwatch Zotac Cup, AG Overwatch Community Weekly, WarpMeta Champion Series - Fall Cup Qualifier, and others
-Open to criticism and coachable.
Hero Pool (Widowmaker Mccree Tracer, Zarya) Working on my sombra d.va brig
LF Established team that is 4k+ W/ Coaches
PM if interested


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