pc Division: master Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Bluu#21470
is playing: traceris playing: mercyis playing: zenyattais playing: Ana

3.7-3.8k Zen/Support LFT

pc - English (UK) by Bluu#21470
Posted on 13 Jan 2018

Server: Europe

Hi, i am a Zenyatta main and support flex looking for a non-toxic and motivated UK team. I am currently ranked between 3700-3800 and I am hoping to do scrims to improve myself as a player and help others improve. I can comfortably play Zenyatta and Moira and am currently learning and practising my Ana. I would avoid queuing for competitive as I like to keep the competitive ladder as a guidance for my individual rank instead of the teams skill level.


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