3.4k Hitscan Main

pc - USA by StarDrummer#1378
Posted on 07 Feb 2019

Server: America

[NA] [PC] [DPS] [PLAT]

Hey, my name is Alex. I'm 15. I'm a 2.6k - 2.9k hitscan main. I really want to go pro someday but I still need a lot of positioning adjustment to do. I'm pretty efficient at making call-outs but I'm not really a good shot-caller. I really want to find a team I work well with and have the same views on society as I do (my last team was really toxic towards my obvious jokes). My mains are Widow, Hanzo, Tracer, McCree, Lucio, Phara, Genji. Lots of DPS and hitscan heroes. If you get easily offended I don't want in. I have a lot of experience playing against diamonds and masters in terms of scrims and my individual mechanical skill is really the only thing keeping me alive.

Here is my basic weekly schedule:

DM me if interested!

Battle.net: StarDrummer#1378


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