pc Division: diamond Language: Age: 18+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: mdemz#1954
is playing: Meiis playing: Roadhogis playing: Luciois playing: McCreeis playing: zenyattais playing: Ana

3.2K~ player LFT

pc - USA by mdemz#1954
Posted on 10 Jul 2019

Server: America

Hey, name's mdemz. I'm looking for a competitive team to play support or DPS for!
I have previous competitive experience in TF2 in addition to Overwatch.
I can play Ana, Zen, Brig, Lucio, Hog, McCree, Mei, Baptiste, Pharah, Zarya, and Soldier fluently. (most fluent to least)
I'm free every night except Wednesday.
I'm looking for a competitive setting that isn't climbing the ladder.
(Also I got master once like 10 seasons ago :P )

Easiest way to reach me is discord: mdemz#0493

Thanks for clicking on this!


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