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VaiN Esports Recruiting Players for Sponsored Team

pc - USA by Dazu#11986
Posted on 11 Jan 2017

Server: America

Hello and thank you for your interest in VaiN Esports. We are looking to build a serious and professional Overwatch Team for the 2017 season and we need you! The team is sponsored through VaiN Esports and each player will be under contract from the Org.

We are looking for DPS, Maintank, Offtank, and shotcaller Support. We are looking for Master and Grandmaster level players. Top 500 is a plus! Players must have team experience prior to applying and also have experience in competitive gaming. We are looking for West Coast only (players in PST and Mountain Time).

Players will be required to attend weekly scheduled practices, team will play a minimum of 14 hours a week but expect to play more. Practices will entail map roles, building strategies, working on positioning and team comps, scrims, reviewing VODS, tournaments, and working with coaches and analysts to grow.

If interested in applying for this team please reach out to Miru#11282 or Dazu#11472 on Battlenet. Tryouts will be held Sunday, January 15th starting at 5pm PST. Multiple tryout dates may be added if more than enough players make it through the first phase of tryouts. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!


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