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Team Level Six Looking for Flex

pc - Europe by Mabo#21268
Posted on 19 Jan 2017

Server: Europe

Team Level Six is an organisation that just now have started building an Overwatch team. Currently we're looking for an Ana player.

We're practicing 4 days a week (might increase in the future) and will soon start playing in the ESL

You should:
* Be very communicative
* Have previous team experience
* Be available Mon Tue Thu Sun 20:30 CET
* Have high ambitions
* Be able to recieve and give critisism
* Have a skillrating of atleast 3.7k

If you're interested, fill out this form and contact either me, the team captain, or Ney, the manager

My Discord tag: Mabo#4404
Neys Discord tag: Ney#4941


    Im interested.

    by Jutas#2555

    Contact Mabo#21268 now

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