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Rising Legends Esports is Recruiting!

pc - USA by Tom#27355
Posted on 08 Jan 2017

Server: America

Hi, I am Tom, One of the Staff & Founders of the Esports community, Rising Legends.

We are currently a community looking to expand in numbers across the network of Overwatch. To do so, we need people like you to come join us, we are taking all kinds of players! Doesn't matter your skill rating, how you play, or if you even like playing with others you are not familiar with.

Rising Legends Esports is looking to recruit not just players for teams, but players that will take the role as a captain to start their OWN team within the community!

Not only recruiting but WE WILL BE OFFERING coaching based on any rank, role, and style of play.

All you have to do is come into our discord and goto the "Tryouts" chat and make your application for the tryouts!

Discord: https://discord.gg/6QxsxHq

Any questions or concerns message me on discord @Tom#1891


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