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[Oceanic] Pure White [Comp]

pc - Australia& New Zealand by Pure#12802
Posted on 22 Dec 2016

Server: America

Montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fggg8cIPxrs
Funny Moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyjoYNv75Ik

Pure White is now recruiting for Overwatch! We are seeking highly skilled oceanic gamers for competitive and tournament play. would you like to play with an experienced and skilled group of like-minded adults? who wouldn’t? fill out an application form in detail today!


The mission of Pure White is to have a large, amicable and naturally skilled group of individuals who play games together for the rest of their lives. Instead of finding a new group of people to play with every time a game comes out, Pure White members will have that community of like-minded folk who will be able to branch out together comfortably establishing themselves in all new titles. The idea is that you could be in your 50's, have a busy life and family yet quickly jump into a game and be able to enjoy it without going through the grind of finding like-minded people to play with.


The leadership of Pure White has lead many groups in various games with great success finally forming under the name 'Pure White' (pW) by 'Pure' in August 2012 at the launch of Guild Wars 2. Pure White is a multi-gaming guild consisting of dedicated and skilled individuals from the Oceanic region across several titles. Most Pure White members have been together for some time as all full pledged members of Pure White are members for life.


* Age 18+
* Current Rank Platinum or higher
* Discord app installed
* Skilled gamer + fast learner
* Working headset and microphone
* Can play at oceanic times
* Must be active on guild Discord + Forums
* Mentally mature, no ("ez u suk lulz")
* Good sportsmanship


Head over to: http://www.purewhiteguild.com/overwatch


Contact Pure#12802 now

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