Looking to set the next meta

pc - by LagGrenade
Posted on 04 Jan 2017

Server: Europe

I am looking to build a squad composition, or chaos comp, that's built around having so many things that need focusing down that you can't help but buckle under the pressure. It's designed for attacking primarily, but I'd like to experiment defensively as well

I'm looking to build and refine this composition through casual and competitive play.

DPS: Pharah
Pick: Widowmaker (Taken)
Tank: Winston
Off-tank: Zarya
Healer: Mercy (taken)
Utility: Sombra (Taken)

Pharmercy and the tanks have the shared roles of drawing attention. Winston needs to be pulling the attention of the DPS so they don't focus the Pharmercy, while the Pharmercy need to focus the tanks so they can't focus Winston and Zarya. Sombra is deep in enemy territory, killing reinforcements from spawn, confirming kills and hacking healthpacks. Widowmaker is a continuous threat that punishes teams that forget about her. Each of these components are independent and dangerous enough without the rest.

Defensively, it's a counter-initiation comp. The idea is that while the attacking team is grouping up outside the choke, they're vulnerable to attack while they wait for their Lucio or whoever. In this case, Sombra is trying to determine how strong the enemy team is and trying to delay reinforcements. Widowmaker on the other hand is trying to create such an opportunity by punishing those that peek the choke.

I will be shotcalling from the unusual seat of Sombra, calling medpack locations, weak enemies and when to attack and when to withdraw. Discipline will be required, but I'm happy to coach anyone who's interested in getting better at the game and/or ranking up :).


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