Looking to set the next meta (closed, all positions filled)

pc - by LagGrenade
Posted on 23 Feb 2017

Server: Europe

We've all been there. Hanamura, Eichenwalde, Temple of Anubis, and your team just stands at the choke and pokes the Reinhardt shield. They don't engage, they don't make a push, and when the announcer says "30 seconds remaining" everyone runs on to the point only to get hit in the face with 6 ults the enemy team had saved from all that poking.

But what if we took that fundamental idea, of utterly refusing to commit to a fight, and built a comp around it? Well, Sombra is first. Why? Because you need the ability to disrupt and limit the usage of ultimates (see "hit in the face with 6 ults") via hack and EMP. But also, her healthpacks make for some incredibly strong positions that your team can fight around.

Everyone needs to be able to more or less take care of themselves, so a Pharmercy and a Widowmaker will give us our two main sources of damage, as well as sustain healing for those unable to reach a healthpack. Lastly, our tanks have to be able to engage, and more importantly, disengage at will. Winston is the obvious choice, and with a Zarya backing him up he can freely break up enemy strongholds, assist teammates that are being harassed themselves, and force the enemy to fight on his terms, all without fear of repercussions due to his jump pack and Zarya's bubbles.

So how do you win if you don't commit? How do you take the point if you're huddled around a healthpack? It's very simple. How can a Reinhardt protect against a Widowmaker in the distance, a Winston in the backline, a Pharah in the sky and a Zarya spamming bombs? He can't. And that's if we assume that Sombra doesn't just hack him.

The key, is to poke and wait, poke and wait until you get an opening. Whether it's a Widowmaker kill, a Sombra EMP, or Winston confirming some chip damage in to an elimination, suddenly you can collapse on them from every angle, and decisively win the teamfight, on your terms.

I'm looking to build and refine this composition through casual and competitive play. Patience, dedication, and a desire to have fun are the most important aspects.

DPS: Pharah
Pick: Widowmaker (Taken)
Tank: Winston (Taken)
Off-tank: Zarya (Taken)
Healer: Ana/Mercy
Utility: Sombra

Flexibility to counter would be highly useful, just in case. I'm also open to suggestions on alternate hero picks. Some good examples would be Zenyatta in the healer slot, if damage output is more important than sustain, swapping Widowmaker to Hanzo or playing Symmetra in the utility slot on defence.

I will be shotcalling from the unusual seat of Sombra, calling medpack locations, weak enemies and when to attack and when to withdraw. Discipline will be required, but I'm happy to coach anyone who's interested in getting better at the game and/or ranking up :).


    I'm not a Pharah main but I'm currently improving with her. I'd be interested in this kind of comp.

    by Lecasso#2100

    I am a decent Lucio and ana but i am wondering what the age requirement would be.

    by jeremypruitt#1220

    There is no age requirements. If you're good at the game then we'll welcome you with open arms.

    by LagGrenade

    I can do Pharah or Mercy. Suck at Winston tho... Mercy is the hero I have the most time with and Pharah is the main DPS I play :)

    by leftthegan#21122

    65% wins with Pharah, second most played hero, GM.


    by Bragosso

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