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HND Gaming [Discord] [Tournament]

pc - English (UK) by Nop0x#2246
Posted on 11 Jan 2017

Server: Europe

HND Gaming is an international Discord community of 1000 Overwatch players with ~100 regulars and we're looking to expand our ranks! We're a casual community, however we have recently formed more competitive teams to take on ranked competitive mode and tournaments.

We're looking for mature (read: adult)/level-headed/calm/positive personalities who are looking for a friendly Overwatch hub and are happy to participate in our various events, tournaments and chat channels!

Our peak group-up time is around 6PM-6AM BST / 1PM-1AM EST but we're also looking for regulars who are active outside of these hours (day-time EU players and evening NA folk).

Besides our various chat/media channels, the HND Discord server also features a custom-built stats bot allowing our users to share and compare stats with eachother.

If you're interested in joining us here's the link:


    I'm interested

    by NikolaiMeyer

    This server is dead dont go here

    by Phenomrom#1759

    rip server dont come here o_x

    by Rocket1740

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