2500+ LF Only The Most Dedicated Players

pc - USA by Taeyeon#1125
Posted on 13 Jan 2017

Server: America

Explanation of Team Roles:
Main Tank - Lots of Rein and Winston (subject to change with meta changes, but not likely)
Flex 1 - Flexes with the meta, but if this role is tank or dps, will lean more tank
Flex 2 - Flexes with the meta, but if this role is tank or dps, will lean more dps
DPS - Focuses on the primary DPS heroes in the current meta
Utility Healer - Almost exclusively Lucio. Possible exceptions. (subject to change with meta, but not likely)
Main Healer - Lots of Ana and Zenyatta (subject to change with meta, but not likely)

Why are the roles like this?:
This is the current setup for professional and high elo teams. Definitions and titles may vary, but the concept is the same.

As a coach and analyst in many areas of the Overwatch community, I will urge us to do just as much, if not more work outside of practice than in game. This will include, but is not limited to, learning callouts, theory crafting, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and scrim analysis.

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR ALL ROLES. The goal is to make sister teams (2-4 teams total) all with the same practice times and days. These teams will rotate who they scrim against every day.

Monday-Thursday: 9pm-11pm PST -------MANDATORY
Friday 11am-1pm PST ------- OPTIONAL (highly encouraged though :3 )

- 17+ in age
- able to take direct and blunt criticism without feeling offended or getting defensive
- willing to grind endless hours of whatever your designated heroes are for that meta
- able to make all madatory practice times (rare exceptions are necessary, but excessive absences will call for replacement)
- level-headed: no tilting, raging, or anything negative that's similar

Think of this as an Overwatch Workshop. We're going to work on absolutely EVERY aspect of your gameplay, but in return, you must put forth the effort. If you love learning and improving, hit us up. Until the full team is made, practices will consist of Comp with all current members. Once the full team is made, we will try to scrim for every practice.

If you have ANY questions or concerns you can just respond to this ad or comment and I'll get back ASAP.
PLEASE add me on Discord: Taeyeon#1067


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