OF SUP GM, can fill for missing teammates in scrimms

pc - Sweden by JointedFish£2183
Posted on 28 Apr 2017

Server: Europe

Well, to start of with, this isn't the right listing area, but there really are none.

I would just like to sell myself abit, if people are in need of a off sup around GM that are scrimming, and are in need of a filler for a missing teammate, and you still want your team to play, im your guy.
I love playing OW Competitively and usally i have spare time there and there and im a person who loves puns a little bit too much.
I accept invites in all rank ranges.

Dont hesitate to ask, and hollar at me, ask if i can join in for the night or sometime.
All that i ask for is a fun and nice enviroment and people using a voice program.

Usallay i play with my own team, but since it always fun to meet new people and play OW, im down if you like having fun and playing seriously and dont want to miss prac time.

Fluent in English and Swedish
I will not play comp, only scimms
I will always play seriously, and always eger to learn, im not a toxic person.
I will always listen to shotcalls and that stuff, i can also give pointers too if so desired.

IF this seems fun, hollar at me on Discord Tag prefearbly, otherwise you can add my BT.

Discord: JointedFish#8083 <------- This one first, that was i can keep track alot more
Battle: JointedFish#2183


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