Looking for scrim partners (teams ranging from 2800 to 4K)

pc - Français by GenomSoldier#2698
Posted on 17 Dec 2016

Server: Europe

Hi good people of Overwatch !

We are the Crescendo Gamers Team, an all french team, and we are looking for scrim partners to train against every Sunday and Monday night starting around 8PM central european time.

If any of you guys are interested you can contact me via Battle.net or directly on this site.

Our players are ranging from 2900 to 4K. We are interested in training regularly so don't hesitate to hit me up!

Have a good one!



    Hi there
    I am representing bigger community called Afa Team. We are internal group that gathers people from different tiers to play together. We have many groups on different levels and we've just started to play scrims with external teams. If You want to play scrims with us, ping me, and I'll grant You special invitation to discord, when You can create announcment to find sparing partners from our community. You'd be granted also to voice chat, where after game You can make meeting with us, to discuss mistakes, and so on.

    by Cybuch#2846

    Contact GenomSoldier#2698 now

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