ps4 Division: gold Language: Age: 14+ Using Discord
PSN: bIuFlre_
is playing: reaperis playing: Roadhogis playing: winstonis playing: zenyattais playing: Ana

Gold Tank/Support Main looking to climb ladder

ps4 - Philippines by bIuFlre_
Posted on 02 Apr 2020

Server: Asia

Heroes I also play but aren't available on the website: Sigma, Orisa, Wrecking Ball, Moira, Baptiste, Brigitte.

Solo queue is not really that fun, since hero rotation were introduced, I find it hard to climb when Pharah has been dominating consolewatch because most hitscans were removed from the rotation. Since DPS's in gold never listen to what the team has to say, I'm looking for a team that's willing to communicate for the better of the game. I'm just a support and tank player that wants to make it out of gold.


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