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pc - Austria by klauslippo#2796
Posted on 03 Dec 2016

Server: Europe

Hey to the people of this forum,
my name is Gabriel, or ingame klauslippo, and I am a Europe based support main. I prefer Lucio and Zenyatta on shotcalling roles but also perform well on Mercy and Ana. I'm in search of a team because I'm looking to use my acquired skills and knowledge in a professional way. I ranked 3380 in Season 2 and have played with and against professional players and performed well.
I speak fluent German and English, but prefer the latter. I use TeamSpeak and Discord, but I am not available on Skype.
I'm usually available from 7pm to 11pm on weekdays and 2pm till past midnight on the weekend.

As to my personality, I am a calm person and never rage or flame. I expect my teammates to be highly competitive but hard to irritate. Feel free to add me so we can have a talk and some games to figure out if I'm fit for your team :)


    FR sent

    by Goon#21219


    i am from the blackrosegaming community. a community with over 100 players and steadily growing. we have a large selection of offers, from casual play to competitive teams

    if you would like to come check us out. jump onto or add waylander#2857 thanks!

    by waylander

    Hey there.

    If you are interested check out N1 Gaming Community at, we have people from all across the globe playing in our community.
    We are growing fast and there is allways friendly/fun people online to play with.
    We have players of all skills and levels, we also play many different games. Come join and fill in the form to become a member today. You are also welcome to join our Teamspeak3 server at "" and speak to us.
    Just follow that link or join our Teamspeak to talk to us about joining to play OverWatch.
    We also have several teams that are looking for members so dont be shy to apply to one of those. Maybe you want to start your own team within N1 someday? Everything is possible.

    Hope to see your application soon and see you on Teamspeak.

    GL HF

    //G4ndY - Recruiter for N1 Gaming

    by CantStanYA

    Hey there! I was wondering would you like to join our community, The Chaos Vanguard.

    We are 16+ Multigaming community with over 3.667 active members that has been active and around for 3 years. Our community supports all server regions(EU,NA,OCE..) We have active and friendly players 24/7 with various skill levels. You will definitely find someone within the community to play with regularly whether its casual or competitive. We also have various events not just for Overwatch but the entire community as well, games ranging from Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Paragon, Division, H1Z1, CS:GO, SMITE and other games that you can check in more detail about on our forums.

    We strive to make every member feel like they are part of a greater whole, a living breathing environment for gamers of all kinds. We respect our community and strive to earn respect in return.

    Thanks and hope you join our community.


    My LoL IGN: Valenastrasz
    My BattleNet: Valenastrasz#2451
    My Steam:

    by Valenastrasz

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