pc Division: gold Language: Age: 16+ Using TS
BATTLETAG: Heika#21384
is playing: genji


pc - Français by Heika#21384
Posted on 10 Jan 2017

Server: Europe

Looking for a team or duo-trio queue with you guys, I climbed from my lowest rank (around 1300) to my highest rank (around 2400) most of the time soloqueuing, but now im struggling a bit, feel like it will be realy slow to get to plat in solo queue.

My gameplay:

I mainly play dps Good Genji-Mccree Player. i played more than 100 hours of genji
i can also play other dps but im only Ok with them

I can Flex

I do my job everygame and i still try to improve;

when im playing dps : i do get kills,and dps, wait for combo ults when we can combo, i think i have a good positioning

When i play tank i still do my job (Protect my team, play safe, Ult when needed trying to ult when my team can follow, get easy kills for my dps, protect my heals)

And i am still doing my job when i play Support (Healing the team, i dont let my team die, use my ult when needed counter ults etc) Trust me im not the ana that actually thinks that she's a dps.

I know that i am not perfect, im trying to improuve, i wish to get in plat then diamond then Master then grandmaster, but it seems that its fucking hard to get there alone, even if i have a good aim (practicing everyday ana bots- aimbooster, shoot, sheep dash) and i will improuve but it will be harder to improuve alone.


    Hey there.

    If you are interested check out N1 Gaming Community at http://n1gaming.net/forums/index.php, we have people from all across the globe playing in our community.
    We are growing fast and there is allways friendly/fun people online to play with.
    We have players of all skills and levels, we also play many different games. Come join and fill in the form to become a member today. You are also welcome to join our Teamspeak3 server at "ts.n1gaming.net" and speak to us.
    Just follow that link or join our Teamspeak to talk to us about joining to play OverWatch.
    We also have several teams that are looking for members so dont be shy to apply to one of those. Maybe you want to start your own team within N1 someday? Everything is possible.

    Hope to see your application soon and see you on Teamspeak.

    GL HF

    //G4ndY - Recruiter for N1 Gaming

    by CantStanYA

    Dragonnoid31#11764 I'm US but if you are interested in a team...

    by Dragonnoid#11764

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