pc Division: grandmaster Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Pozepi#2973
is playing: Ana

Grandmaster Ana main looking for team

pc - Norwegian by Pozepi#2973
Posted on 13 Dec 2016

Server: Europe

Lets' make this quick, because no one likes a wall of text.

Grandmaster Ana searching for team!

-Age: 18
-Battletag: Pozepi#2973
-Rank: SR 4100~ (soloq)
-Level: 250
-Heroes: Ana. Lucio/Rein/Zen if needed.
-Voice chat program: I don't care, can instal anything.
-Other competitive experience: TF2, CSGO, Starcraft.

Looking for serious team which appreciates Nano Boosts, and players who I can hone my skills with.

Contact me if you are interested and want more info.


    Hey man if you are still LFT and ok to play NA add me on bnet: sweaty#1339

    by sweaty#1339

    Added you :=)

    by Tiki#21927

    Contact Pozepi#2973 now

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