pc Division: bronze Language: Age: 18+ Using TS
BATTLETAG: Fitzys#2973
is playing: genjiis playing: Meiis playing: Luciois playing: Zaryais playing: reinhardtis playing: mercyis playing: zenyattais playing: Ana

[EU][PC] 4k+ Support/flex Looking For Active Team

pc - Lithuania by Fitzys#2973
Posted on 25 Oct 2016

Server: Europe

Greetings from Fitzys I'm Support/flex main 4k Sr I'm from Lithuania , 18 years old , i can speak eng/ru.
I'm looking for active major or even pro team for long term roster.
Achievements: Lol - Season 1/2/3/4 Master, Hots- was almost pro players, CS:Go Global and many other competitive games I was hing elo.
My stream- https://www.twitch.tv/xperial1
Twitter- https://twitter.com/The_Fitzys
Battle Tag - Fitzys#2973
Fan page - https://www.facebook.com/FitzyStream/ Interested any offer <3 :]


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