Diamond Hitscan DPS looking for team

pc - English (US) by MeSoClassy#2558
Posted on 05 Sep 2020

Server: Europe

I was in a team when i was plat before this, however I was inactive and soloclimbed from 2.6 to 3k with ashe. I am looking for a team to climb and have scrims and what not. My goal is to get to masters with practice with a coordinated team :).
Edit" I am a ashe main


    Hey man, I have something that might interest you, hmu on discord: LucasLeviOlling#8501

    by Lucas#25840

    Aye I made a new account because I’m a plat that always carry’s my team Maybe we could team up and get me to a higher level? I don’t trust random team mates for solo queueing

    by William777

    Contact MeSoClassy#2558 now

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