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Coach LFT (Unpaid)

pc - USA by Skillet#11445
Posted on 25 Sep 2020

Server: America

COACH LFT [PC][NA][Unpaid]

Hey there!

I am looking for a team to coach (probably in the gold-plat range)!

I am a 3k support, 2.6k tank, and 2.5k dps, but I have a lot better game sense than aim! (lol)

What I offer:

-Macro and micro vod reviews for your team
-Dedication to your team and players for 1 on 1 and the full team
-I can be there for most if not all scrims
-Previous and current coaching experience
-Experience competing as support and dps, as well as maining tank for a while
-Positivity and non-toxicity!

DM me if you are interested!


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