Frequently Asked Questions

About listings

Do I need to be registered to publish a Listing?
No, feel free to post without register/login
How do I edit/delete my listing then?
You will get links over email to do it
Why should I register then?
After login you have much options, push up your listing, comment others listings, contact teams/players
How to push my ad?
After login you click on and go to " Manage your ads"
Does BB code works?
Yes nobody knows (lol) but some bb code works like: [b][/b][i][/i][url][/url]

About your ad

Why do people use [LFG][NA] shortcuts etc.?
They dont notice >> on teamup networks you dont need it, but on reddits
Which informations are important?
Your previous FPS experience, maybe your local time, what type are you, why are you looking for team/players
I did not uploaded any image..
Our system choose any image for you based on your favorite heroes or other details
May I write in any other language then english?
Definately - yes! teamUP Networks are international!
Why choose heroes as a team?
Check heroes which you could need in your team

Search Guide

How to search
1) Klick on the search icon close to our logo
2) Select "Players" and "PC" if you are looking for new players on PC
3) Now Apply any filters or open again the search window and limit by country (It does not reset your "Players/PC" selection)
4) For any case we have also a full text search ( search icon on the right)
Super fast advanced search
1) Click on Players/Teams or Scrims
2) Apply filters


Why premium
Premium mark is a way to say thank you for your promotion of
How do I get it?
Just create a link us on your team webseite and show us
Is every of my listings premium then?
No, premium markup is linked to your ad
I am a player without team website
If you want a premium mark for your LFG listing, you may post our link to any social network with some followers, or just post our url on reddit for example. (This is okay for LFG ads not for LFM ads)